Culture Radio by Operator - 17 - Rotterdam Architecture Month

Culture Radio 17
Airdate: 27.06.2024
Rounding off Operator’s residency at Rotterdam Architecture Month, Culture Radio returns with a special edition on the Rotterdam housing crisis.

Broadcasting live from Boijmans van Beuningen, Eva van Breugel from Architecture Instituut Rotterdam joins Seb and Cara with two guest speakers: Dr Michelle Provoost and Mustapha Eaisaouiyen.

Michelle is an architectural historian, co-founder of Crimson Historians & Urbanists and member of the Dean Team at Rotterdam’s Independent School For The City. She will discuss the history of the housing crisis and explain how we arrived at the current situation.

As a former member of the Tweede Kamer, Mustapha has worked at the very forefront of the crisis. He will share his thoughts and experiences, as well as explain his connection to activist group Recht op de Stad and no doubt give inspiration to us all to fight to make Rotterdam a fairer and more affordable city.

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