Lazy Reflex Complex -02 w/ 543ff & DJ Lazy / Napirelly

Airdate: 12.04.2024
Lazy Reflex Complex #2 with Napirelly (Immediate Proximity) Combine talent, fearlessness and excellent taste - driven by the constant desire to develop - and the outcome is Diana Napirelly. Born in Leningrad, tempered on the border of the Arctic Circle in Siberia, now based in The Netherlands, Diana formed her life motto - to be always on the go and to restlessly move forward. Her interest in music, the event sphere, sports and the media is inborn; and the number of her achievements in each of these areas prove this. Since 2009, the number of club venues, parties and festivals with her name in the line-up has been growing at the same speed as which she gained experience and developed her musical talent. TestFM, K-30, Ahola, Present Perfect Festival, Mutabor, Tresor, Hör, Humboldthain, Red Light Radio, Zur Klappe, Blank and Signal Festival, are among the places Napirelly honed her skills. Nowadays, she is a resident of Roots United - record label, events company and founders of Present Perfect Festival. Juggling breaks, electro, bass and techno - while having a dynamic change in bpm - are the pillars that strongly mark her recognisable DJ style. In 2020, together with Niels Luinenburg (Delta Funktionen) she created the Immediate Proximity project and the pair released their debut LP "2334" on Radio Matrix. Three years later, the duo has setup their own label - IMPROX - on which they further develop their unique sound of hi-tech, yet tribalistic rhythms that are covered with outer worldly themes.

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