Upcoming event: 11.05.2024 - 08:00
Kekko is an Amsterdam-based duo of husband and wife Tim (Kek) and Cherie (Ko). Originally from Southeast Asia, Kekko doubles as a conduit for the pair's cosmic exploration and aural expressions. Their 2021 EP, 'Dreaming Life’ (2021) released on Spirit Goth Records was picked up by tastemakers globally noting the transcendental blend of 90’s dream pop/shoegaze laced with psychedelia. It captures the duo's attempt at envisioning the expansiveness of all realms of existence. Currently deep in exploration, there is large excitement and anticipation for what comes next.
Magical Mornings w/ Kekko -07

Genre doesn't matter, it's all about the vibe and experience.

Magical Mornings w/ Kekko -06

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